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Can Text Neck be Corrected?

Text neck. Yes, you read that right. Text neck. Who would have thought that cellphones could create such a common neck pain that it has its own term. Just take a walk in downtown Sarasota or sit at at one of the many fine restaurants in St Armands Circle and you can see the epidemic of cellphone usage. This term describes what is more appropriately called by the medical community and chiropractors as neck strain and is typically from the overuse of neck muscles during certain activity, including using your cellphone, smartphone or mobile device. While the use and technology of our cellphones seems to be increasing, so does our poor posture. The variety of tasks we can now perform on our cellphones encourages us to stoop our heads, roll our shoulders forward and slouch while we check our email or surf the web. This poor posture puts additional stress andweight on the spine and muscles that are attached to it. Different areas of the spine, such as the disc, are designed to absorb the weight of our body but when we hear a notification and look down for extended periods of time it transfers this weight to the neck musculature. This can initially cause overuse injuries in the muscles of the neck. We have yet to see the long term effects of this new lifestyle.

The good news is that text neck can be corrected. Practicing good posture is the easiest place to start. Making an appointment with a chiropractor is a good move for anyone who is facing the painful side effects of hours spent looking down. Taking small steps toward better posture can save money and pain in the long run. Choosing to engage in technology as a treat instead of around the clock is a good practice for anyone who wants to live a long and healthy life.

Yes, text neck can be avoided. To be clear: No one is asking anyone to stop using cell phones. Text neck can be avoided without going 1980 on cell phone usage. But avoiding extra pressure on the neck and spine does require thoughtfulness and follow-through. In today’s ever-increasing technological age, choosing to dodge smart phone usage doesn’t happen accidentally. One good strategy is to look with the eyes instead of moving the neck. Another strategy is to ask friends and family to say something when they notice prolonged periods of poor posture. In short, text neck is nothing to LOL about. Take it seriously and make any necessary changes before text neck gets the best of you.

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