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Do you wake up in pain from sleeping in an abnormal position?

One of the most frequent complaints that we hear is, “I think I slept wrong and now my back hurts.”

There are certain sleep positions that are better for your back and the overall alignment of your spine.

You should sleep on your back instead of your stomach whenever possible.  Use a pillow under your neck and knees if you sleep on your back.  Side sleepers should use a pillow between your head and your bed, making sure that you don’t flex your head to either side. Also, use a pillow between your knees to maintain proper spinal alignment.  

You should change your mattress approximately every 7 years.  A bed that is too soft gives no support and will place continuous stress on the joints of the spine.  Did you know in Florida, that if a mattress is prescribed “for medical reasons” by a Chiropractor that it will be tax exempt on the purchase?

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