Dr. Chait is unavailable Friday June 7th through Friday June 14th.
In need of pain relief call our massage therapist Rita at 860-859-7043.

Everyone Deserves To Live A Pain Free Life.

With all the possible complications from surgery, many people go through it only as a last resort. This may include risk of infection, adverse reaction to anesthesia and there are no guarantees that the surgery will be 100 percent successful. Before considering surgery, call Chait Chiropractic Center for a second opinion.  Chiropractic care may be an effective, non-surgical option for your back or neck pain.

Dr. John Chait and his caring staff are available to support you through the duration of your recovery.  We understand this is a stressful time and will be with you every step of the way.  Call us today at 941-371-1070 to schedule your complimentary consultation.  Remember the 5 most dangerous words:  “Maybe it will go away.