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I Keep Hearing about Forward Head Posture!

Did you know that Forward Head Posture (FHP) causes an increase in the the workload for many of the muscles attached to the cervical spine? Over time, FHP can lead to muscle imbalances as the body tries to adjust to hold the head up. Some muscles become weakened or stretched out, whereas other muscles become tighter and shorter.

When forward head posture causes muscle pain, it typically feels like one or more of the following:

Muscle tightness: Muscles can become inflamed and tight due to being overworked, injury or in response to nearby inflammation.

Trigger point pain: This specific type of pain is more likely to occur in people who have migraines or other types of headaches due to forward head posture.

Intense pain: If a muscle is strained and/or goes into spasm it can cause tightness and severe pain. Intense neck pain may worsen with specific positions or movements but alleviate in other positions or at rest.

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