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May is Correct Posture Month: Part II

At Chait Chiropractic Center we encourage people to think about how their posture can affect their health.

Advantages of good posture:

  • Prevention of strains, backache and muscular pain.
  • Prevention of wear on the joints and less strain on the body’s ligaments.
  • Prevention of secondary complications such as arthritis and impairment of circulatory and digestive systems.
  • Extra height: you can lose inches of body height with poor posture. With good posture, you can regain your normal height.
  • Fatigue Prevention: good posture means the body is using muscles more efficiently, resulting in less energy is being spent keeping the body in position.
  • Improved appearance: people with good posture, carry themselves in a more natural manner and generally look better than those whose posture is out of balance.

At Chait Chiropractic Center we believe in the importance of good posture.  Dr.Chait would like to offer you a complimentary comprehensive posture analysis with Posture Screen to check if your posture is properly aligned.  Call us today at (941) 371-1070 to schedule yours!