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Ouch! Radiating Back Pain

Does this sound familiar?  Pain in the lower back that radiates down one or both legs. The pain is described as dull, achy, sharp, like “pins and needles” or similar to electric shocks?

These are all symptoms associated with sciatica.  Sciatic nerve pain varies in intensity from mild to severe, and frequency may range from occasional to constant. The onset is generally gradual and not necessarily associated with a previous event.
Sciatica is also known as radiating or referred pain, neuropathy, or neuralgia.
We treat patients with radiating type pain very frequently at Chait Chiropractic Center.  To learn how chiropractic care may help you with the pain and symptoms of radiating back pain, call us at 941-371-1070 to schedule a complimentary posture analysis and consultation with Dr. Chait.   Remember these 5 dangerous words: Maybe It Will Go Away!