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Sitting is the new smoking!

Did you know that most people sit about 11 hours on average per day?  We sit at mealtime, in the car, in meetings, at our PC, both at work and home, watching television, and then it is time for bed. It all adds up to muscle weakness, where the body cannot hold up the posture properly. This may lead to sitting forward with poor posture and a rounded spine.  This posture is commonly referred to as the “computer slump.”  Although the human spine is a versatile and magnificent structure, after a few decades of “computer slump”, the muscles finally run out of compensatory responses and the core musculature can atrophy. The discs and facet joints may wear and the elegant balance of the spine is lost. Our chairs aren’t just hurting us, they are literally killing us. The problem is so profound that it has spawned the meme “sitting is the new smoking”. It was initially hoped that getting adequate exercise at the gym would protect against this “sitting disease” but this is not true.  It turns out the problem isn’t a lack of exercise, the problem is sitting!  Yes….. exercise is good, but it can’t undo all the problems caused by sitting still for many hours each day.

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