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“Stand Up Straight!” Why is Your Posture so Important?

Oh, we know you’ve heard that a time or two! Whether it was mom, grandma, or even a teacher, we have all been told to stand up straight. And at that time we may have even been annoyed by the saying, who would’ve thought this could very well be a key factor in good health? How, you ask?

Having good posture is extremely beneficial to your neck and spine. When we slouch, the unnecessary strain we are putting on our neck and back can cause neck pain, low back pain, muscle spasms, numbness, headaches and more! Not only that, but maintaining poor posture over a long period of time will actually wear out our spines. Doing so can lead to diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and degenerative joint disease. Sounds to me like Ma and Grandma really had our “backs” on this one! ( Pun intended 😉 )

What are some easy steps we can take to maintain proper posture? Well, for one, you can stand up straight! When you find yourself slouching or hunched over, evaluate how you are standing. First, distribute your weight evenly on both feet. Make sure your earlobes are directly above your shoulders. This all helps maintain the spines natural S-shaped curve.

Also, you need to get up and move! Our bodies were made to move! If you sit long hours of the day, try to take breaks to stand up and walk around, even if its just for a couple seconds an hour. Having a strong core also aids in maintaining a proper stance. Doing simple exercises like planks, squats and sit ups, for example, will keep us not only looking good, but feeling good! Icing up, good quality rest, sleep and practicing proper posture will

Not only our spine and neck is affected positively by proper posture, but our entire body is greatly benefited by it. So next time grandma tells us to stand up straight, we will be sure to take her advice!

If you still find yourself suffering from neck, low back, muscle spasms, joint pain, or headaches, give us a call here at Chait Chiropractic Center to get you on your way back to health!