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Stress Can Impact Your Immune System!

Did you know that stress impacts your immune system? Did you know that your body can harbor stress in the spine?  Research shows that stress weakens the immune system. Stress-related back pain is one of the most common symptoms, because many people tend to carry their stress in their shoulders, neck, and back.

By boosting your immune system and reducing your stress levels, you are strengthening your body’s ability to fight, heal and recover from potential illnesses.  Chiropractic care and immune system support through self-care helps maintain a healthy body and mind through varied healthcare practices.

A visit to the chiropractor along with good nutritional practice may help strengthen your body’s natural ability to heal and recover from both illness and injury.

Call Chait Chiropractic Center to schedule a complimentary consultation with  Dr. John Chait, to find out how chiropractic care may help boost your immune system.