Dr. Chait is unavailable Friday June 7th through Friday June 14th.
In need of pain relief call our massage therapist Rita at 860-859-7043.

Thank You For Your Great Review!

“Dr. Chait truly cares about his patients’ posture well-being. Through continued high-tech assessment, I can see where I am compared to where I was when I first started with his practice. I still have a ways to go but am much better. “Text neck” and computer work is so damaging, if we allow it to be. Dr. Chait’s wife Cindy is great about reminding me that it’s time for a visit plus her bubbly personality makes you want to stop in just for a feel good chat. The doctor combines chiropractic with physical therapy/traction (thank you Kelly) to further one’s progress. What a difference that makes. It’s all part of the visit…not a “pay me more” add on. If you feel crummy or want to know which way your posture is headed, call Jessica to make an appointment for a consultation. You will be so glad you did.” ~ Lynn¬† Thank you for trusting us and working so hard to improve your posture and health.¬† Chait Chiropractic Center, your way back to health!