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The Importance of an Upper Cervical Adjustment

When most people think of chiropractic adjustments, they think of back or neck pain. The chiropractic approach is based on the principle that the body has a natural ability to heal itself. This natural healing is initiated and controlled by the nervous system. These nerve impulses flow down from the brain to your spinal cord and out through spinal nerves to your muscles, tendons, ligaments and vital organs. Interference within the nervous system due to spinal joint misalignment leads to pain, symptoms and possibly loss of function.

The upper cervical adjustment is an adjustment on the top of the neck. This adjustment address the subluxation (pinched nerve) in the upper cervical area to achieve proper alignment. The Atlas is the top vertebrae of the spine and supports the head. Basically if the head is not on straight then the spine cannot possibly be straight. The resulting stress from that may cause pain to the neck, shoulders, back, pelvis, hips, knees and ankles. Spinal Correction can help your body work better no matter what type of health problem you may have. Misalignment can block the communication between your brain and body causing pain, stress, and tension. This stress and tension can affect all physical and even mental activity of the body. Many symptoms can be relieved by correction of the Atlas Subluxation Complex. Dr. Chait has had positive results with such conditions as:

• Arthritis • Chronic fatigue syndrome • Fibromyalgia • Migraines and other headaches • Chronic pain or stress • Athletic injuries • Auto accident injuries • Neck and back pain • Herniated discs • Scoliosis • Carpal tunnel syndrome • Leg and arm numbness • Sciatic

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