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There Is Help For Migraines!

Migraines are often described as a moderate to severe throbbing headache, usually on one side of the head. It is often associated with nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Migraines have been known to last from hours to days often interfering with daily activities of living.

According to the Migraine Research foundation 1 in 4 households include someone with a migraine. Out of those suffering the symptoms of a migraine are 18% women, 6% men and 12% children. Yes, even a child can be a victim to migraines!

Chait Chiropractic Center has been helping people relieve their migraine symptoms for over 30 years. Dr. John Chait will start by performing a thorough evaluation to rule out other possible causes and then examine the spine for issues of misalignment. He will come up with a treatment plan addressing the specific issue at the root of the problem. Current treatments that include pain medication, anti-depressants, and now Botox injections address the issue on the surface and provide short term relief. Dr.Chait will address the cause of your migraine with adjustments that may provide lasting results that can improve the quality of your life.

If you are struggling with migraines headaches call Chait Chiropractic Center today for help.