Dr. Chait is unavailable Friday June 7th through Friday June 14th.
In need of pain relief call our massage therapist Rita at 860-859-7043.

We Are Forever Indebted to Our Veterans

We at Chait Chiropractic Center are  forever grateful for the service that you give!

According to an article in the Cleveland Chiropractic University and Health Services newsletter: “Most veterans already know the value of a doctor of chiropractic. Medicare and Tricare patient polls indicate veterans seeking a chiropractor’s non-pharmacological approach to spine care give satisfaction ratings nearing 90 percent.”

We would like to honor our veterans by offering a complimentary consultation with Dr. Chait.  Call Chait Chiropractic Center if you are a veteran or know a veteran who may benefit from chiropractic care.  Happy Veterans Day!