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What is a posture analysis, and why is it important?

A posture analysis shows how you hold your body, or how you position yourself and how your body balances. There are various ways to assess this from using grids and a plumb line to sophisticated computer programs. The mid-line of your body should line up close to the gravity line, both in a front view and a side view. The postural analysis helps the provider determine areas of misalignment and imbalance. This information is very helpful in designing a custom treatment plan.

Improper posture impedes with muscle function and normal organ function, puts stress and abnormal wear on joints, increases pain and fatigue, and contributes to loss of height. Proper posture enhances both your health and your appearance.

Dr. John Chait at Chait Chiropractic Center offers treatments including on-going postural analysis so you can see and measure your progress.

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