Dr. Chait is unavailable Friday June 7th through Friday June 14th.
In need of pain relief call our massage therapist Rita at 860-859-7043.

What To expect on your first visit.

Everyone that walks through our doors is greeted by a friendly staff and will receive quality care and services from our office.   Chait Chiropractic Centers goal for every patient is to help you with your pain in the least amount of time possible.  Dr. Chait is extremely thorough with all our patients.  Your initial exam normally takes around an hour to complete.  Dr. Chait will analyze and assesses all aspects of your symptoms to help determine the underlying root of the problem.  He will come up with an individual plan to address your specific issues.
You can download our new patient forms here to print out and bring in with you on your first appointment or we can email them to you.  We can always check your insurance prior to coming in so you know what your benefits are.  Please call us today at 941-371-1070 to schedule a complimentary posture analysis and consultation.