Dr. Chait is unavailable Friday June 7th through Friday June 14th.
In need of pain relief call our massage therapist Rita at 860-859-7043.

The holidays are a busy time of the year!

All the stresses and strains during the holidays may cause extra demands on your body, which may lead to pain and symptoms in your low back, mid-back and neck areas.  You may not even realize that you are doing increased physical activity.

The following activities may cause spinal/postural issues along with pain and symptoms:

  • Increased walking from shopping
  •  Lifting heavy shopping bags
  • Leaning over wrapping gifts
  • Even preparing that fabulous holiday feast

The best form of stress management is prevention.  Call Chait Chiropractic Center today to make an appointment.  Don’t neglect your spinal adjustments at this time of year – it will help you to have a Happy, Healthy Holiday and New Year!