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Another Great Review!

Dr. Chait and his exemplary team of professionals gave me my life back! Several months ago I woke up to extreme pain running down my right hip to my foot. I was unable to function-unable to sit, walk or sleep. I went to a local orthopedic surgeon who did an x-ray of my spine and told me there was nothing he could do -no shots, no medication, no surgery, and that the way my back looked, he’d be afraid for me to even see a chiropractor. I left his office without hope, crying and thinking that my once active life was forever over. The following day I went to see Dr. John Chait. After reviewing my MRI and x-rays, Dr. Chait began treatment. I have been receiving treatment by Dr. Chait and his exemplary team three days a week for several weeks and I am close to being pain-free and I have begun completing all my previous everyday activities! Dr. Chait is professional, extremely knowledgeable, caring and positive. Dr. Chait continually teaches me about my body and how to keep it strong and pain free for life. In addition to my office visits, Dr. Chait has provided me with several tools to use at home for optimal and continual health. Dr. John Chait and his exemplary team of professionals accomplish miracles and I am proof!  ~ Holly

Thank you! We are beyond happy that you are pain free and active again. You were committed to your treatment which is so important.

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