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Avoid Back Injury With These Proper Lifting Techniques

Do you know that that there are many people under the impression that they are lifting correctly?  Many of them are in disbelief when they injure their back during a “simple” lift. Even after getting a back injury from lifting, you will hear people comment, “but I bent my knees!”  At Chait Chiropractic Center we know there is more to safe lifting than just bending the knees. Here are five steps to safe lifting.

1. Get a firm footing, with your feet apart for a stable stance.  Stand close to load.  Squat (don’t bend waist). Take a deep breath and tighten stomach muscles to help support your back under load.

2. Lift with your legs (they are a lot stronger than your back), bringing your back to the vertical position.

3. Hold load close to your body; puts less strain on your back.

4. If you must turn, turn with your feet, not by twisting your back.

5. Set the load down again by squatting, not bending your back. Keep your fingers out from under the load.

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