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How Much Does Your Purse Weigh?

Did you know that the average weight of a purse is six pounds! That overstuffed bag isn’t just getting in your way, it could actually be a danger to your spinal health.

When you carry a heavy bag on your shoulder, you have to either lift your shoulder or lean over to the opposite side to balance it.

Did you know that when you are carrying a bag that you are holding your spine in a curved position?  The uneven weight distribution causes muscles to spasm and tighten.  This can cause a lot of stiffness in the upper back, shoulders and/or neck area.  This misalignment of the spine may also cause joint compression and may cause problems such as a herniated disc.  It may also cause a decreased curve in the neck, which is called a “military neck”.  In children, the use of an overly heavy back pack may even lead to scoliosis.

The rule of thumb, as cited in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science study, says your purse should never exceed 10% of your body weight. Ideally 5% would be even better.

 A cross-body bag is slightly better than a shoulder bag, but it could result in neck strain.   If you do carry a shoulder bag, you should periodically switch sides to help balance out your posture.
At Chait Chiropractic Center, we see people with asymmetric misaligned posture all of the time from carrying a heavy bag or purse.  Call today to schedule a posture analysis to evaluate your posture.