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How To Have A Pain-Free Thanksgiving!

There is no denying that Thanksgiving means tons of food!  More than we are used to eating on any given day.  We are also exercising less than we normally do because we are busy getting ready for the holiday season. This is an easy time to gain weight and lose your flexibility and range of motion. All of the increased food consumption, along with inactivity may cause your muscles and joints to become painful and stiff. Dr. Chait can help in this area by keeping the entire body in a properly aligned state, which  means an overall healthier state. One of the many positive side effects of getting adjusted regularly is pain relief and increased range of motion. If you begin treatment now,  you may help prevent stiffness and improve the flexibility of your body in time for your day of indulgence.  ?

At Chait Chriopractic Center we help get you back on track physically so that you feel great and you are ready to enjoy the holidays! Call us today at 941-371-1070 to schedule a complimentary consultation and posture analysis.