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Don’t Just Sit There!

Does your desk  job cause you to suffer from lower back pain? If so, you are not the only one who has to deal with this problem!  More than 80% of people report that having lower back pain is due to sitting at their computer for extended periods.

Individuals who don’t move a lot become inflexible and susceptible to back pain. This pain can be aggravated by simple movements such as reaching for a coffee cup or bending over to tie your shoe. When we move around, discs between the vertebrae expand and contract like sponges, soaking up fresh blood and nutrients. When we sit for a long time, discs are compressed unevenly lose sponginess and may be subject to disc degeneration from the spinal compression.

People who sit more are at a greater risk of herniating lumbar discs. Sitting may also cause a muscular imbalance in the lower back area. A muscle called then psoas travels through the abdominal cavity and when it tightens from too much sitting, will pull the upper lumbar spine forward.  Upper body weight will then rest entirely on the ischeal tuberosity (sitting bones) instead of being distributed along the normal curves of your spine. This is bio mechanically incorrect and may cause pain and symptoms over prolonged periods.

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