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Spinal Screenings in Sarasota

These specialized spinal evaluations take only a few minutes and can be performed without any pain or discomfort. Chait Chiropractic offers such evaluations to your business, community event, or school at no charge. The key to spinal health lies in the proper evaluation of people’s posture to gravity. Posture is the window to the spine and nervous system, and the nervous system controls every single function in our body. If our posture is abnormal, our nervous system can’t be working properly and loss of function may be experienced in the body.

Some dysfunctions are more obvious than others, but our goal is to educate each person about their postural weaknesses, thereby greatly enhancing their vitality and physical health. Postural imbalances can occur from simple things like poor sitting, standing, or sleeping habits, as well as from more obvious things like car accidents, physical activity, emotional stress, or slips and falls. All of these things can create a spinal imbalance with interference to the nervous system, resulting in joint pain, mental fatigue, immune deficiency, moodiness, hyperactivity, and more.

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