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“I have been suffering with migraines most of my life”

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“Hi Theresa.  Hi, How are you?  Tell us about your experience here.  Well, it’s been a good one.  I have been suffering with migraines most of my life.  I have tried many different Doctors.  I have tried different modalities; herbalists, chinese medicine.  Nothing has seemed to work.  But I found Dr. Chait.  Dr. Chait  seems to be doing the job for me.  He relieved many of my headaches.  I was having them everyday.  They have definitely gone down and I am hoping that they will go away completely.  That is what we are going for.  We do a technique called CBP to establish proper curves in the spine and take the pressure off nerves.  We have been real succesful with Theresa.  She has been a great patient.  She makes her appointments.”


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