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What’s Your Standing Posture Telling You?

Standing is a basic and foundational position from which all other body mechanics are performed.  Your body must continue to move or “sway” in varying degrees in order to keep itself in balance….so don’t fight it’s natural movement.

Trying to stand “straight” takes your skeleton out of its natural alignment, requiring your muscles to work very hard to hold a straight posture.  The next time you feel yourself trying to stand “straight”, relax and allow the natural shape of your skeleton to support you.

Whether you stand with your feet parallel to each other or with one foot forward, your legs must transmit the weight of your body down to  your feet equally.

When standing it is important to keep your upper body vertical and balanced over your pelvis, legs and feet.  Keeping your center of gravity over your feet lets your upper body move without restriction, allowing your shoulders, arms and hands to move freely.

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