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You Greatest Loss May Occur After The Wreck.

When talking about a car crash have you ever heard anyone say “If there is no damage to the car then there is no injury” Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

There are many factors to take into consideration when you have been in a low impact collision. Vehicle design and weight, the angle of the collision,the seat angle, headrest angle and head position upon impact are all important factors. Many injuries happen when a car is traveling as little as 5 mph. Either car may show little or no damage as most bumpers are designed to absorb the force of the impact by collapsing at around 10 mph. You shrug off any pain or symptoms as expected due to the jolt of the crash. You exchange information with the other driver and continue with your day.

The next morning when you wake up, your neck is still stiff and sore. Your shoulders and back hurt even more than right after the crash. You may have developed a headache or dizziness. You may find that you fatigue more easily or you are not sleeping well at night. These and other symptoms may occur right away, but often do not begin to develop for several hours after the accident and then worsen over the next 24-48 hours. In some cases increased symptoms may not be apparent for weeks after a car crash.

In the state of Florida you have 14 days to be checked out. You owe it to yourself, for your health, safety and well being to get checked out after a wreck, regardless of the presence of symptoms. Call 941-371-1070 to schedule an appointment. Chait Chiropractic Center has been helping people who have been in automobile accidents for over 30 years.