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Extreme lower back pain testimonial

When I first came to see Dr. John, I could hardly move without feeling extreme pain in my lower back and the back of my legs and feet, and then the pain would shoot up into my neck. I think the pain came from many different falls though out my life. Some falls in high school during gym activities and a couple of falls on concrete at a wastewater treatment plant. The symptoms improved slowly once I began seeing Dr. John. It took time because we had to correct my spine, which takes time. My body had a lifetime of traumas, and you can’t fix that overnight. An unexpected benefit from chiropractic was that my allergy symptoms improved. I have suffered from allergies since I was 13 years old. I am 36 years old, and I rarely have any problems. Also my immunity has improved so much I rarely get sick. I am leaving this area and sad not to have Dr. Chait as my chiropractor. I strongly recommend anyone to visit this chiropractic center and let Dr. Chait help the body heal itself. If it wasn’t for chiropractic, I would not be walking, jumping or even lifting anything today! Thanks Dr. Chait!