Sarasota Chiropractors

In mid-January of this year I began experiencing extreme weakness in my left leg and arm. What started as weakness quickly progressed to an involuntary closing of my left hand. These episodes began occurring several times throughout the day. When I began treatment at Chait Chiropractic I was taking three pills each day to control my symptoms. I have slowly weaned myself off of the medication going from three pills to two pills to one pill to half a pill. It's now been almost a month of no pills and no symptoms! The knowledge I received from Dr. John has resulted in some great lifestyle changes for me. I feel good. I am not tired or run-down.



My symptoms when I came in to see Dr. John were migraine headaches, neck pain, upper back pain and lower back pain. I believe these symptoms were a result from a number of falls when I was younger and many, many years of poor posture. I have been seeing Dr. John three times a week for four weeks. In that time, I have had one migraine headache (which didn't last the usual three days). Back and neck pain is at a minimum and most of the stiffness is gone. I feel more relaxed when I stand. I have a feeling of not being weighed down. My husband has noticed a change in my posture! I find coming to Dr. Chait's office a pleasant experience and all the patients I have met are very friendly. When there are a number of patients doing their exercises, we all seem to have a good time even though we think it is torture (my sense of humor)!


Mary Lou

In 1998, I was in an automobile accident that had me in a wheelchair because I was unable to walk. I also had paralysis on my right side because of a brain injury from the accident. I started seeing Dr. John in March of 1999. Now I am walking and enjoying life. I come in to see Dr. John twice a week for adjustments and cervical traction. I also workout six days a week at the gym. My life is coming back to a bright future and it's all because of Dr. John. The traction is for my brain stem. The brain stem is the secret in life. The body can heals itself if your neck has a curve and the brain stem is relaxed. Thanks again "Doc," you really changed my life.